Share your story!

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. . . and help us tell the story of Martha’s Vineyard

If you’ve spent time on Martha’s Vineyardwhether a day or a lifetime – you’re part of the Island’s history. “One Island – Many Stories,” a permanent exhibit at the new Museum, will offer visitors an overview of that history, and hearing your Vineyard stories will help us create it.

What’s your experience . . .

  • Of belonging to an Island community . . . for a day, a summer, or a lifetime?
  • Of the creativity that flourishes here . . . in art, music, writing, theater, and dance?
  • Of escaping to the Island . . . how you get here, why you come, and what you do?

Tell us about it!

  • Look through your scrapbooks and photos, programs and souvenirs, for items that stir your memories of the Vineyard
  • Write down the story behind one of those memories; tell us about how you, your friends, or your family have experienced the Vineyard
  • Upload the story, and something visual to go with it – a photo, a scan, even a short video(no more than 2 minutes)
    – using the link on this page

Your contributions will be kept on file at the Museum, used by the curators and designers to help shape “One Island—Many Stories,” and maybe even incorporated into the exhibit itself.